Flip "Shelly" Manne

Flip “Shelly” Manne


Los Angeles Jazz Society

Former Rockette


American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers

Flip “Shelly” Manne is the current president of the LA Jazz Society. Flip helped Teri Merrill-Aarons, with the support of other jazz lovers and musicians, start the Los Angeles Jazz Society 30 years ago. She’s been active in the LAJS ever since. The Jazz Society’s mission is to introduce young people to jazz and recognize the great jazz artists that have thrilled us for so many years. They present exciting multi-cultural and interactive in-school and off-campus jazz education programs (Jazz in Schools and the Bill Green Mentorship Program have been ongoing for over 25 years along with other programs). They also promote and honor the legacy of jazz by paying tribute to great jazz artists of today and yesterday with the annual Jazz Tribute Awards (coming up the end of October), Vibe Summit (for 20 years) and the new ‘New Note’ Program commissioning new works for emerging young composers.


Before founding the LAJS, Flip accompanied her husband, Shelly Manne  on his journey as a legendary American Jazz drummer, while also to training and showing horses, along with anti-war and women’s causes, civil rights and animal rights groups.

Prior to her activism and marriage, Flip, had various jobs across the country, including performing for the New York’s Roxy Theatre and being a dancer for the Rockettes.

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