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In Loving Memory of...
Michael Meyer

Michael Meyer was a historian who taught at CSUN for 45 years, he was a terrific violinist who played for years in chamber groups. Michael was an avid soccer player into his 70’s, and a wonderful father, grandfather, brother of four, and wonderful husband from 1966 to 2022.


He loved life and all peoples and was loved by many women and men.

Michael Meyer.jpg

To Michael's wife, Miriam, and daughters - Katya, Andrea,  

We wish you a healing journey filled with love and sweet memories of Michael. We were honored to have known him and will cherish the memory of Michael and his love for the violin! 

From the MMM family! 

*Credit to Serene Meshel-Dilman for the photos of Michael Meyer, taken from the 5th Dementia Documentary*

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