Carol Rosenstein

Director & Co-Founder

Our project co-founder and co-director, Dr. Carol Port Rosenstein, is an educator and pioneer in the field of holistic mind-body health. After her career as a chiropractor, she became interested in total mind-body health and acquired a Master's in Clinical Psychology to help her further delve into alternative and complementary medicine. Her thesis regarded the objectification of the inner child as a possible source of psychosomatic illness, and if addressed correctly can unlock the elixir that is part of the healing potion to reverse dis-ease/disease, if caught on an early continuum. This is what fueled her passion for the arts and its ability to heal the body and mind. For this reason, she became very interested in the power of music as a form of acoustic art to heal the mind and body, thereby creating MusicMendsMinds, Inc.

Irwin Rosenstein


Our other project co-founder, Irwin Rosenstein, is the heart of the organization as he is the reason MusicMendsMinds, Inc. was created. Irwin's professional background is not in health, medicine, or the arts, but these certainly are his hobbies and interests. Irwin studied industrial management in his undergraduate career and real-estate law for graduate school. He then went on to work for the Federal National Mortgage Associationan, Fannie Mae,  for a number of years before retiring. Throughout his childhood, he had a great ear for music and was a marching band member of  University of Pennsylvania and has enjoyed playing the saxophone and piano with his college concert band frequently.

Kajal Desai


Our secretary, Kajal Desai, is a huge believer in the power of music on the mind and body. Kajal has played piano since she was 7 and truly believes how music can transform one’s emotions, mood and life. She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Neuroscience at UCLA. She hopes to go into the medical field and provide more services to those living with neurodegenerative and other neurological diseases and injuries in order to bring joy back to a troubled mind and life. On campus at UCLA, she is involved with Clinical Research with the UCLA CORE Kidney Program, TEACH (a public heath education program for at risk youth), and Indian Student Union.

Brandon Carone

Research Coordinator and Assistant

Our research coordinator and assistant, Brandon Carone, is a fourth-year honors student studying Cognitive Science at UCLA. Research on music creativity and music perception has always fascinated him, as he has been a musician since he was seven and has felt the positive impact of music all of his life. Brandon plans on earning his Ph.D in Cognitive Neuroscience with the ultimate goal of becoming a professor and conducting research in Music Cognition to better understand the way that music and playing an instrument can affect our memory and overall cognition. He is especially interested how music can help those with diverse neurological and neurodegenerative diseases, as well as those facing mental health complications. Brandon is currently a research assistant in the Memory and Lifespan Cognition Lab, is the president of the Music Cognition Coalition, and founder of Music & Memory at UCLA. 

Christopher Calvin Freking

Assistant & Digital Media Coordinator

Christopher Calvin Freking is a second-year Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology student with pre-health ambitions at UCLA. He is very passionate about the power of music and its effect on the mind, having been a self-taught guitarist since the age of 12 and an avid listener of music of many genres and cultures. On campus, he is a board intern for Pilipino Recruitment & Enrichment Program and will be a performer at the annual Samahang Pilipino Cultural Night. In the future, he wishes to work in the medical field while also remaining active and engaged in the relationship between his cultural upbringings and music.

Kathleen Butler

Research & Event Volunteer

Our volunteer, Kathleen Butler, is a second-year honors student studying Neuroscience and Music Industry at UCLA. She is fascinated with the interplay of music and learning and the way music interacts with different neurodegenerative disorders. Kathleen also volunteers with The Institute for Music and Brain Science, sings in a community service based music education a cappella group YOUTHPhonics, and is among UCLA's first campus representatives for the student musician based streaming platform Quadio. She owes her love of music to her father, Ellis Butler, who has continued to inspire her to bring the joy of music into all facets of her life. She hopes to continue to combine her greatest interests and passions of neurological research and music in her future studies and is ecstatic to be a part of the Music Mends Minds team.

Nandita Sundarapandian

Fundraising Coordinator & Assistant

Nandita is currently a 3rd year at UCLA majoring in psychobiology. She hopes to go into health management one day and has been inspired by organizations like MMM and their initiative to approach patient care in an innovative way. She continues to meet and work with inspirational organizations as the Vice President of Internal Affairs for CYC Health, which is an organization dedicated to providing pro-bono consulting services to health-based nonprofits and clinics. 

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