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Surkhab Niazi


Surkhab is a Senior Software Architect at Kharon. In the last 25 years he has worked with a diverse array of companies such as Kharon, Pfizer, Amazon, Yahoo!, and Experian building software for the enterprise, for consumers, and for technical, business, and medical professionals.

Music has been a lifelong passion for Surkhab; something that was inspired and cultivated by his parents’ own love of music. His mother was a singer, musician, and a poet, while his father, a businessman and political columnist, taught himself sound engineering and recording in order to support and record her music. Surkhab enjoys singing, and learning new and interesting instruments.

Having studied Cognitive Science at UCLA, he has always been intensely interested in the inner workings of the mind, something that was especially poignant and relevant when his father developed dementia. The deep connection between the mind and music has always fascinated him, and has always been a source of strength and inspiration for him. This is why the mission of Music Mends Minds attracts and inspires him.

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