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Irwin Rosenstein


MMM Co-Founders Carol & Irwin having fun at the piano

Irwin with his caregiver, performing at the piano at a band concert


Early Beginnings

Irwin was born in New Haven, CT in 1936.

He attended the University of Pennsylvania, and played the saxophone with their marching band. He later attended George Washington Law School.

California Living

Irwin worked as an attorney in the Bay Area, and married in 1961. He was later promoted to the head of his workplace's Los Angeles branch, and bought a home in West Los Angeles, in which he lived in up until his passing.


Later Life & Parkinson's

Irwin remarried in 1985 to Carol. In 2006, Irwin was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. After years of struggle, Irwin enrolled in UCLA's Alzheimer's and Dementia Patient Care program. He found that playing the piano empowered him, becoming more responsive, energetic, and hopeful.

Music Mends Minds

Carol and Irwin founded Music Mends Minds together, after being inspired by the positive effects that music had on Irwin. Their project expanded worldwide, as others found the same joy and power in music.

Irwin passed away peacefully in his bed on January 19, 2021.

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