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Leola Davis

In Loving Memory (03/31/1927 - 11/10/2020)

"What a teacher is, is more important than what they teach."

- Karl Menninger

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Leola Sings "Jingle Bells"!
Leola and the 5th Dementia Flagship Band Sing "Jingle Bells" on Zoom at the MMM 2020 Holiday Concert!

A Message From Leola's Daughter, Denise

"My mother spent her working life as a teacher with Los Angeles Unified School District. She was as fiercely devoted to the young ones in her care as she was to her own children. Seeing her work hard through the years to ensure my brother and I had every advantage inspires me to do no less for her."



"Since the aphasia limits her ability to make her preferences known, finding ways to enrich her life can be challenging. But her response when involved with Music Mends Minds is clear and unmistakable. Singing with the 5th Dementia Band makes her face light up with smiles. While I welcome any therapeutic value that music may hold, I find the greatest value is in having a place where my mother can experience joy. I’m so thankful to have found Music Mends Minds."

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