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Mike Hassett

Mike Hassett is the trumpet player for the 5th Dementia and Jazzanova Bands.

Before moving to California, Mike lived with his family in Massachusetts as a lawyer. Here are some precious family moments.

Mike's musical performances began at an early age. Here he is pictured touring with the Ronnie Drumm Youth Band 1971.

Mike participated in his annual church choir variety show in 2003. His Blues Brothers routine rocked the house down!

Enjoy Mike performing "What a Wonderful World" at the 5th Dementia Spring Concert in 2017.

Mike with his beloved wife and caregiver, Janice.

Photo taken by Serene Meshel-Dillman

Mike and Janice were part of the discussion panel at a Youth Movement Against Alzheimer's Conference held at UCLA. 

The couple also volunteered for Music Mends Minds at the NICHE reception at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Thank you, Mike, for continuing to share your musical talents with us!

We are eternally grateful to have you as part of our Music Mends Minds family. 

Photo taken by Serene Meshel-Dillman

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