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The 5th Dementia Documentary

The 5th Dementia Documentary

The 5th Dementia, is a diverse band featuring former professionals from a range of socioeconomic and educational backgrounds who now struggle to remember anything at all due to their illnesses.

Alzheimer's, Dementia, Parkinson's.

They come together to play and sing a list of songs compiled by their bandleader. When the music starts, they are transformed. The rhythms and melodies stir something deep within them. These men and women, leading lives with almost no social interaction who show very little emotion outside the rehearsal space, dive right into songs from their generation without a single page of sheet music. Memories otherwise entirely unreachable are unlocked. The music has a euphoric and quality of life changing impact.

Through uniquely personal stories, from inspiring daily triumphs to the sobering toll of slow mental decline, viewers of The 5th Dementia Documentary will see an emotional, revealing look at this inexplicable phenomena.

The 5th Dementia is free on Amazon Prime and on sale to rent on iTunes for $0.99.

Learn more about the 5th Dementia at our documentary website.

5th Dementia Trailer

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