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The Sound 

Music Mends Minds is an intergenerational senior and student music therapy project that aims to spread the magic of music by establishing therapeutic intergenerational bands. They are working to help control the progression of cognitive decline in elders , connect students with strong social support networks, and cut health care costs. Hear Co-Founder Carol Port Rosenstein talk about this project and her own personal experiences with her husband Irwin, who is also a Co-Founder of MusicMendsMinds, Inc.

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The Fifth Dementia, The Festival of New American Musical's ShowSearch

Seniors with degenerative diseases are finding joy in a therapeutic music group called The Fifth Dementia; The Festival of New American Musical is using competition and an educational initiative to create opportunities for young writers; Arts News; Around Town arts calendar; does jazz have to improvised? That's the question on Ask the Dean.

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The California 

The 5th Dementia meets on Mondays at the Brentwood Presbyterian Church. However to this group, they may not be aware of these details. This band made of patients with neurodegenerative diseases is jamming away and having fun making music together. 

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