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Rima Simon


Rima Simon is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with extensive clinical experience and training in rehabilitation, recovery and reintegration programs working with homeless VA Veterans dealing with a myriad of complex issues. Rima Simon was born in Russia, moved to Poland, Israel, and then to Chicago. In 1978 she moved to Los Angeles where she had a prolific film and television career while raising her two wonderful sons. In 2007, Rima discovered another passion and calling for helping others which inspired her to return to school at the University of Southern California where, in 2010, she received a Masters in Social Work (MSW). Rima Simon, LCSW, also has a private clinical practice in West LA, assisting individuals, couples and groups in crisis, aging, and life transitions. Rima is especially attuned to the needs of our aging population and their families.

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