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May 2022 Edition
Carol Rosenstein - Music Mends Minds
Rotary Magazine Cover.png
July 2022 Edition
Jennifer Jones - Rotary International President
Rotary Magazine Cover July.png
Side by side "cover girls", Music Mends Minds founder Carol Rosenstein and Rotary President Jennifer Jones, are proudly represented on the May and July Editions of the Rotary International magazine!

Partnership with Rotary Clubs


Our Partnerships With ADRAG and IFRM

Learn more about our Rotary Global Initiative below!

Music Mends Minds: Energize and Empower Through Music


Rotary Clubs

Global Initiative Partner

Rotary International is a global-service oriented organization that has 1.2 million Rotarians, all working as volunteers. Rotary clubs, throughout the United States and globally, have acted as our boots on the ground and have served as musical support group coordinators and have worked with MMM to create new MMM musical support groups. Rotary is also partnered with MMM as part of our Global Initiative to take MMM's mission, Music is Medicine: Energize and Empower through Music, across the world!


International Fellowships of Rotarian Musicians

Global Initiative Partner


To promote Rotary fellowship by encouraging clubs to sing, to organize musical activities for performance at all levels of Rotary functions,
and to support community musical organization and school music programs.


Alzheimer's/ Dementia Rotary Action Group 

Global Initiative Partner


To leverage our members’ extensive experience, resources and the Rotary network to support and promote Alzheimer’s and dementia-related projects of all sizes at the local Rotary, district, and international level through providing a global platform for collaboration, education, and support.

View the new Rotary Series recognizing notable Rotarians, called "Rotary Heroes". 

Music Mends Minds was proudly featured! Thanks to Bill Shillito and Dave Clifton for the huge honor! 

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Our Rotary Global Initiative


Music Mends Minds: Energize and Empower Through Music

 The alarming statistics of seniors succumbing to COVID and co-morbid neurodegenerative diagnoses have driven us to launch a new global initiative.

We are creating a global outreach network in which we educate Rotary International Clubs on the best practices of helping those with such diseases through music-making and socialization.

Through the next few years, we will run trial support bands using a global curriculum that can be tailored to fit individual/specific and cultural community needs in Rotary Clubs and Districts worldwide.

If you would like to be involved, please fill out the contact form below.

MMM Global Initiative Ambassador 

Amy Huggins

Vashon Island Rotary Club

"Island Rockers" Band Coordinator

In 2015, Amy Huggins was inspired by a piece on the PBS Newshour about Music Mends Minds. That April, she flew to Los Angeles with her husband, Alan, a patient with Alzheimer’s disease, to experience the 5th Dementia in rehearsal. Huggins was so touched by the music, the players and singers, and the mood-boosting effect on caregivers, that she returned and asked her Vashon Island Rotary Club to make Music Mends Minds a Community Service Project. This year, they will celebrate five years of offering and supporting this vital weekly program!


Huggins also inspired other Rotarians to take this action in order to create lasting change in their communities. These include Mercer Island Rotary Cub at two locations, Puyallup Rotary Club, Olympia Rotary Club, Des Moines/Normandy Park Rotary Club, and two more (Maple Valley and Kirkland) beginning this year. She connected Music Mends Minds into the Alzheimer’s/Dementia Rotary Action Group and won approval in 2019 for it to be a District 5030 Project.


In 2020, Rotary International’s Vision is, “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change; across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.”

For more information on how your Rotary Club can get involved please contact Amy Huggins at


Carol's Beginnings

with Rotary

In 2018, Carol is officially inducted as a Rotarian! 

This marks the beginning of a powerful alliance between Music Mends Minds and Rotary International Clubs. 

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