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The 5th Dementia

MMM's Flagship Band

Join Us

5th Dementia Flagship Band Revival Starting February 16th, 2023 (Ongoing)

Every Thursday from 2PM - 3PM at the Brentwood Presbyterian Church

12000 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049

5th Dementia Revival Drum Circle - Sing Along Picture.jpg
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Our History

Carol and Irwin Rosenstein, co-founders of Music Mends Minds, stumbled onto the effects of music therapy as a treatment option for ongoing symptoms of Parkinson's 

After Irwin began playing piano for participating students and adults, he became increasingly energetic, talkative, and hopeful.

His dramatic transformation and through music and social support inspired Carol to share the rhythmic remedy with others who are suffering. Thus, the 5th Dementia intergenerational therapeutic music band was launched.

Sam Mayo

During his last years, music was everything to Sam.  He never went anywhere without his harmonica and serenaded people as they went through their day…while waiting in the doctor’s office or in line at Trader Joe’s.  This made people happy and, in turn, music gave Sam purpose to his life. 

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These were the original members of "The 5th Dementia" and the inception of Music Mends Minds. All four members found a place for them to reconnect with themselves and their loved ones. Carol and Irwin wanted to share this magic with families suffering with similar fates.

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Irwin Rosenstein

Carol realized early on in Irwin's Alzheimer's diagnosis that his musical ability was not affected by his disease.  She and Irwin founded Music Mends Minds with their flagship band, The 5th Dementia, to keep the healing, joyful effect of music in their lives. 

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Paul Livadary

Paul can play anything by ear on the piano.  Alzheimer's has taken no part of his musical life.  Paul is the heart and soul of The 5th Dementia band.  They call him their "music box".  Paul is known for his one-liners and quick smile.  He is a warm and kind gentleman who never misses a rehearsal and plays piano perfectly without any sheet music.

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Gene Sterling

 Parkinson's disease has not limited his collaboration with The 5th Dementia band.  He chooses the song lists with Paul Livadary (piano) each week and leads the band with dedication and assurance. 

Learn more about "The 5th Dementia" with our documentary that is free on Amazon Prime and available to rent on iTunes for $0.99. 

Interested in our documentary shot by Serene Meshel-Dillman?

Read more here

5th Dementia Revival 2022:
Drum Circle and Singalong

"The 5th Dementia" In Action

2019 Holiday Concert

"The 5th Dementia" is spreading its annual holiday cheer with classics at the Brentwood Presbyterian Church

"The 5th Dementia" In the News

Interested in joining "The 5th Dementia"? 

Contact us at info@musicmendsminds or call us at (818) 326-0500 for more information. 

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